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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Custom Fields

What are Custom Fields?

Index of Custom Fields

Custom Fields are user created fields specific to their contact records. Custom fields are included on every contact and can be used to filter contact search results.

When searching for contacts, custom fields can be used as search criteria. Custom fields are not shown on the contacts search screen by default, but can be seen by clicking the MORE button towards the bottom of the contacts search criteria section.

To view custom fields already created, select Custom Fields under the Home tab from the Navigation Bar.

Create Custom Fields

Click Add Custom Field to create new custom field.

Name the field, select a Field Type, and click Save to create new Custom Field.

Auto Integer
Checkbox - A checkbox appears next to the field name
Date - Date field (Example: 12/01/2013)
Datetime - Date and Time field (Example: 12/01/2013 12:34PM)
Decimal - Allows a number with decimal
Integer - Whole numbers without a decimal
Radio - Presents multiple options with an option to select one. After submitting, available options can be added, editted, or removed.
Select - Presents a drop down of choices. After submitting, available options can be added, editted, or removed.
Text - Single line of text
Textarea - Present a large block for multiple lines of text
Time - Time field (Example: 12:34PM)

Edit Custom Field

To edit a custom field select the notepad to the right of the field name and type. The option to change the field name and type will be presented.

To change options available within a select or radio type field, select the list icon right of the field name and type. After selecting, options within these types can be edited, removed, or added.

Remove Custom Field

Click the red X to the right of the field name and type to remove the field from the system. Callproof will ask for verification if remove is clicked.