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Path: Callproof Support - Mobile App

Callproof Mobile App

The Callproof mobile app is a portable version of Callproof used in the field.

The mobile app is a companion piece to Callproof allowing users in the field to easy add notes, appointments, followups, prospect, and view contact information.

Log Into Callproof

When launching the Callproof app, users must log in.

Users have the option to have the app remember their login in the future. Check "Remember Login" before hitting the Login button.

Select the Google button to sign in using your gmail account. This will only work the user's email address within Callproof matches the email address they use when signing into Google.

The Signup button is used for new users that are not currently Callproof clients. This is used when a company begins using Callproof from the first time. Individual users within the company are setup from Callproof and do not use the Signup link.

More info coming soon.