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API » Update Company Stats HTML

URL: https://app.callproof.com/api/companies/stats/html/update/

Method: POST

Required Fields:

  • api_key[key] - API Key
  • api_key[secret] - API Key Secret
  • company[html] - Sales Rep Stats HTML. Include "#basic_stats#" (without quotes) to include basic stats.

Optional Fields:

  • None

Data Returned:

  • results - Array containing updated Company Stats HTML
  • errors - Array of errors produced by the request
  • code - HTTP request status

rep[html] can be styled to match existing #basic_stats# HTML:

<table class="outer">
  <td class="st">Appointments</td>
  <td class="st r">0</td>
  <td class="st">Calls</td>
  <td class="st r">0</td>
  <td class="st">Hours</td>
  <td class="st r">0</td>