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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Dashboard

The Dashboard tab contains many of the daily activities and details done within Callproof. Not all items will be visible to all users.


Activity and events are recorded within Callproof and can be see on the Events page. This is also seen on the mobile app.

More Info: Events

Event Form Entries

Search, view, edit, or delete Event Forms from Callproof on the Event Form Entries page.

More Info: Event Form Entries

Call History

Sales calls within Callproof can be viewed and deleted from the Call History page.

More Info: Call History


Access all Appointments done within Callproof from here.

More Info: Appointments

Future Appointments

Access all Appointments that were scheduled as Future Appointments. These are Appointments that were setup using Google Calendar.

This feature is currently in Beta.

More Info: Future Appointments


Access all Followups scheduled within Callproof. View, edit, or export from this page.

More Info: Followups


CallProof allows users to upload and attach files to contact records. When files are uploaded, they are also indexed on the Files page here.