Event Form Entries

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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Dashboard - Event Form Entries

Index of Event Forms submitted within Callproof.

What are Event Form Entries?

Event Form Entries are all Events Forms that have been submitted in Callproof.

A search area allows managers to pull specific event forms. Search options are below.

  • Event Form - Select the needed Event Form
  • Sort - Date Added will start with oldest first. Rev Date Added will list the most recent forms first.
  • Type - Select this to narrow down your search by Contact Type. Only forms with a contact type that matches will be included.
  • Rep - Select a specific rep.
  • Start Date - Select start date for pulling a date range.
  • End Date - Select an end date for pulling a date range.

Click the arrow left of the Event Form name to expand and see data submitted.

Click the notepad on the right side of the record to edit the Event Form data.

Click on the contact company or contact name to update the contact.