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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Navigation Bar - Home - Event Points

Index of Event Points

What are Event Points?

Most actions and events that occur within Callproof can be assigned a point value. These points are earned by Sales Rep each time the action occurs. Reports and Sales Rep rankings can be created to motive your team.

To change the point values, click on Point Values from the Home tab on the Navigation Bar.

Editing Event Points

Changing Points and Icons for an Event

Event Points shows an index of all actions that can be assigned points.

To change the value, click on the icon, Event Type, or Notepad for the item to update.

To change the icon, choose a file to upload and click Update.

To change the point value, delete any points under "Event Points for [Event]". Then, add the new value.

If you want to remove points from an Event, edit the Event and Delete any points assigned.