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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Dashboard - Followups

Index of Followups in Callproof.

What are Followups?

This is an index of Followups scheduled within Callproof. Search, view, edit, and delete from the Followups screen.

A search area on top allows specific followups to be viewed. Searches can be run for a sales rep and/or date range. Sort options are date of followup or duration of followup.

Click the company or contact name to update the contact.

Click on the phone number to update the phone number for this contact.

The Comp column indicated whether or not the followup has been checked off as completed.

Click the Notepad to edit the Followup or mark it complete.

Add new Followup in Callproof.

Create a new Followup

Click Add Followup next to the green + to add a followup.

Select the sales rep, contact, date and time of the followup and add any notes.

Only click the Completed checkbox if the followup has been done.

Click Add To Calendar if Google Calendar has been setup in Callproof to send the followup to the rep's calendar.

Click Save to save the followup.

Edit a Followup in Callproof.

Edit a Followup

Edit a followup to update notes, change time, or mark it completed.

Change the rep, date and time, duration, and notes as needed.

To mark a Followup as Completed, click on the checkbox next to Completed. This indicates a followup is completed.

Click Add to Calendar to send Followup to a Google Calendar assuming it has been setup.