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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Dashboard - Appointments

Index of Future Appointments

What are Future Appointments?

This feature is in Beta testing.

Future Appointments are scheduled appointments that also populate a Google Calendar.

Future Appointments is an index of all Future Appointments scheduled within Callproof.

Click the contact company or name to edit contact.

Click the Notepad to edit the event details or add invites.

Click the red X to delete Future Appointment.

Search results can be exported to .csv for downloading by clicking Export Scheduled Appointment Search Results on top or bottom of search results.

Editing a Future Appointment

Editing Future Appointment / Adding an Invite

To add another person to the Google Calendar Event, click Add Invite. This will pull up the Edit Future Events screen.

To invite additional guests to the event, click the Invite checkbox. Type in the email address of additional guests and click Add. Guests are not added to the event until Add is selected.

Invited guests must show up in a box under the email field to be included.

Click Save to update the event and push it to the Google Calendar again.

Note: Invited guests are added to the event but are not emailed. To email invited guests with meeting details, log into Google Calendar, select the event, and then email invited guests here.