Reporting Phone Calls

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CallProof offers reporting features for managers to see a reps calls to CallProof clients. In order for these calls to be correctly counted, there are some important things be aware of and remember.

What Calls Are Tracked By CallProof?

When a rep makes a call, CallProof will check the number against all CallProof contacts within their company. If matches are found, the call is marked as a Client Call within CallProof.

In order for rep calls to be counted properly, there are some differences between iOS and Android mobile apps. Below explains the differences.

Making Calls Count Using iPhones

iOS users (iphones, ipads, etc) must make calls from within CallProof. To do this, simply search for the contact you wish call from with CallProof. Click on the contact and select to Call from the contact's menu. When calling this way, all calls are properly recorded for reporting purposes.

Making Calls Count Using Android

Android users can make calls from within the app or from their normal dial screen. With Android phone, CallProof collects the entire phone log and matches it against CallProof customers. Unknown numbers are thrown out and any correspondence with CallProof customers are recorded for reporting purposes.

With Android phones, it is Best Practice to log out and then log back into CallProof at the end of the day. When logging into the mobile app, the users call log is uploaded and synced properly. If, by some chance, previous calls were not synced during the day, logging out and logging back in will make sure these are synced with CallProof.