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API » Update Custom Field

URL: https://app.callproof.com/api/custom_field/update/

Method: POST

Required Fields:

  • api_key[key] - API Key
  • api_key[secret] - API Key Secret
  • custom_field[name] - Custom Field name
  • custom_field[cfield_table] - Custom Field table (contact, eform)
  • custom_field[cfield_type] - Custom Field extension (text, select, radio, checkbox, textarea, date, time, datetime, integer, decimal, auto_integer, image)

Optional Fields:

  • custom_field[cfield_option_default] - Custom Field default option for select and radio cfield_types
  • custom_field[regular_field] - Custom Field regular field (first_name, last_name, email, address, address2, city, state_id, zip, account, title, website, country_id, contact_type_id, company_name, only applies to Event Forms)
  • custom_field[custom_field] - Custom Field custom field (only applies to Event Forms)
  • custom_field[position] - Custom Field position (e.g. 1, 2, 3). If not given field position set to last position.
  • custom_field[points] - Custom Field points for assigning value

Data Returned:

  • results - Custom Field
  • errors - Array of errors produced by the request
  • code - HTTP request status