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API » Contact Submit Event Form

URL: https://app.callproof.com/api/contact/event_form/create/

Method: POST

Required Fields:

  • api_key[key] - API Key
  • api_key[secret] - API Key Secret
  • event_form_data[contact_id] - Contact ID for which event form has to be submit
  • event_form_data[event_form_id] - Event Form ID as in response of https://app.callproof.com/api/event_form/get/

Optional Fields:

  • event_form_data[latitude] - Latitude
  • event_form_data[longitude] - Longitude
  • event_form_data[custom_fields[]] - Array of custom fields and values. An entry should contain 'id' and 'value' values.
  • event_form_data[files[]] - Array of custom field files. An entry should contain 'id', 'value', 'name', and 'content_type' values. The 'value' should contain a base64 encoded representation of the file's raw data. The 'content_type' should be a proper mime type (e.g. 'image/png').

Data Returned:

  • results - Event Form Details
  • errors - Array of errors produced by the request
  • code - HTTP request status