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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Event Forms

What are Event Forms?

Event Forms are custom built forms can track and simplify activities that occur in your company. They are easy to build and can track activities like closing a deal. Once created, Event Forms can be used on the mobile app and the website. You can also attach images with Event Forms.

Event Forms are tied to a contact and visible from their profile under details. They are also visible from the Events Manager and can be searched and exported.

Event Forms can be assigned points and used to rank employees.

Event Forms are often used for events that happen in the field or as events progress along the sales chain.

When Event Forms are submitted, a copy can be emailed immediately to email addresses you have set up. This provides immediate notification of a deal closing, an interview happening, etc.

Creating Event Forms

Creating Event Forms can be quick and easy. More information found here: Creating Event Forms

Editing Event Forms

Click on an Event Form title or the notepad to right of the title to edit the Event Form. More information found here: Edit Event Forms

Deleting Event Forms

To delete an Event Form, click the red X to the right of the Event Form title. Callproof will ask you to confirm this decision. If a form is deleted, all data tied to that form will be deleted. This means all instances of the Event Form will be deleted from your contacts and cannot be recovered.