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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Contact Types

What are Contact Types?

Contact types can be used to organize your contacts. Callproof users can customize Contact Types to meet their needs. Default options are populated on new Callproof accounts but these can be altered as needed.

Viewing Current Contact Type

To view Contact Types, from the navigation bar, select "Home" then "Contact Types".

Current Contact Types and the number of contacts of that type are displayed here.

Add New Contact Type

To add a new Contact Type, click on Add Contact Type near the top right of the of the main screen panel. Name the new type and click submit to save.

Deleting Contacts of a certain Contact Type

The red X next to the number of records will delete all those contacts matching that type, but will keep the contact type.

Editing A Contact Type

The notepad on the Contact Type line allows an administrator to edit the name. All contacts of that type will be updated and have the new name.

Removing A Contact Type

The X on the far right after the notepad will delete the Contact Type along with any contacts of that type.

  • WARNING: If a contact type is deleted, all contacts of that type will also be deleted. Example: Contact Type "Dead Accounts" is created and old, useless contacts are added to this contact type. When "Dead Accounts" contact type is deleted, all records with Contact Type "Dead Accounts" will be deleted along with the Contact Type.