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What are Contacts?

Contacts are company contacts. Users can view, edit, add, and delete contacts. Depending on security settings, sales reps may or may not see contacts that are not assigned to them.

Searching for Contacts

Callproof Contacts

The top of the contacts page contains a search feature. Any of the fields can be used to search contacts.

Use as few or as many field criteria as needed.

Max Results controls how many results are returned. Adjust as needed.

Notice the More >> in red towards the bottom right of the search area. This will open up and allow searches involving custom fields.

The bottom half of the contacts screen shows search results.

If exporting contacts, run a search with desired criteria and number of results. Then, click Export Contacts on the right side to have Callproof create a csv file of the results and email them to the user.

Search for Contacted or Not Contacted Contacts

If you want to see contacts that you either have talked to or haven't talked to within a certain date, use the Contacted field on the bottom just above MORE.

When using this option, select a date range to pull. By default, it will pull all contacts that were contacted between those dates. If you want to see records that weren't contacted during that date range, check the box immediately left labelled "Not".

This function of the search is here to provide ways of finding subsets of customers that haven't been contacted in awhile.

Search Results and Contact Icons

Callproof Contacts

Click on the company name, contact name, or address to view or edit a contact.

Click the phone number to add phone numbers.

Icons to the right provide easy access to contact functions. Hover over icon to see a tool tip. These are listed below.

  • Notepad - Edit the contact
  • Red X - Delete contact (may or may not be enabled depending on access level)
  • Peach + Sign - Add new opportunity
  • Green + Sign - Add Followup
  • Journal - Create event form for contact
  • Clock - Create a future appointment (beta)
  • Checkbox - Use this to select multiple contacts at one time. Additional options will drop down on top of the search results. These actions include sending a Text, adding a sales rep, removing a sales rep, changing a contact type, or merging 2 contacts. You can also select whether to deal with just the items selected or all records in your search query.

View or Edit a Contact

View and Edit Contact in Callproof

Click on a contact name or company name to view or edit the contact.

The edit screen allows users to update contact information. The top portion contains multiple tabs to view all contact information. The bottom section has multiple tabs to show the history of the contact. Notes can also be added here.

The tabs at the top divide contact information. If information is updated on any tab, click Save within that tab to update the contact.

  • Info tab shows the contact name, email, website, account number, address, phone numbers, contact type, and sales rep.
  • Details tab contains custom fields created specifically for the users company. Update any values and click Save to update the contact.
  • Event Forms shows all event forms that have been filled out for this contact.
  • Notes can be used to view saved notes and add new notes.
  • Appointments shows history of appointments and allows the scheduling of a future appointment.
  • Followups shows history of Followups and allow the addition of new Followups.
  • Opportunities shows current opportunities and allow the addition of new opportunities.

On the right hand side, quick links are provided. Use these to add an event form, add an opportunity, add a followup, or add a future appointment (beta).

The bottom section has multiple tabs as well.

  • Calls shows history of calls made to this contact.
  • Recorded calls will show all saved calls made with this contacts.
  • SMS shows text history with this contact.
  • History are all previous information stores with this contact.
  • Image allows the use of a new icon for this custom that will be seen on the contacts search page.

Adding a Contact

Add New Contact to Callproof

Click the green + or Add Contact on the top of the search area to add a new contact.

When adding a contact, the only 2 required fields are Company Name and Type. Users will be prompted for these values if they are not present with adding a new contact.

To add a new company, click the new checkbox next to Company and provide the name. The company will be added to Callproof when you submit the new contact form.

Type is the contact type assigned.

A sales rep can be assigned and will default to the user adding the contact.

Any custom fields created within Callproof will also appear on the edit screen at the bottom just above the Save button.

Adding an Image to a Contact

In CallProof, users can store images in a contact's profile. To do this, simply click on an existing contact and select Images.

Images can also be attached to Event Forms and will show up in the images section of a contact's profile.

Merging Contacts

New Event Form
New Event Form
New Event Form

If a contact is in Callproof more than once or under different names, they can be merged into a single contact.

To do this, search for the contacts you wish to merge.

Check the selection box on the right right of the contact record on the 2 contacts to merge.

When selecting a contact this way, new options will appear above the contacts results.

Select to Merge Contacts and click Submit.

The next screen allows users to select which information to save. Select the radio button next to the field that will be kept in the system. Once selections have been reviewed, click Merge.