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Path: Callproof Support - Website

The main navigation bar in Callproof is on top. This will provide access to most every feature Callproof has to offer.

Not all users will see the same Navigation Bar. The options will depend on user access level. Managers have additional features that allow customization of the site for their companies' use.

All main options are listed below.


This is the main section for customizing the site, clocking in and out, and logging out of the system.

More Info: Home


This section is for viewing and managing opportunities, opportunity funnel. You can also customize the opportunity types and funnel here.

More Info: Sales


This section is for viewing and managing day to day items. This can include sales rep rankings (if using a points system), daily appointments, scheduled followups, and more.

More Info: Dashboard


This section is for viewing and managing activity using Google maps. You can find new businesses to target, track past appointments, plot customers on a map, and more.

More Info: Maps


This section is for viewing and managing your contacts. You can view, sort, and create contacts here. Once a contact is found, you can edit and update their information and custom fields.

More Info: People


This section is for viewing summary reports on different activities performed in Callproof. These includes items such as number of calls, appoints, recorded calls, points, and more. Most of these reports are shown on a graph.

More Info: Stats


This section is managing your mail campaigns and report distributions.

More Info: Mail


If you ever have trouble inside Callproof or need assistance, click on Support. A form will be presented. The more specific you are about your problem, the quicker our support team will be able to assist you.

More Info: Support