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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Home

Most of the main customizations available in Callproof are accessed here. This contacts most of the user defined items like Contact Types, Custom Fields, and Points.

Site Settings

  • Event Forms - User defined forms for activities that can occur within your business. These can be emailed immediately to user defined emails and reported on. (Ex. Closed Deal Form - Small form reps fill out when closing a deal)
  • Custom Fields - User defined fields added to contact records. These appear on all contact records and can be used in searches.
  • Contact Types - User defined contact types used within their company. These can be used to organize and search contacts.
  • Titles - User defined titles for employees within your company.
  • Badges - User defined awards given at user defined point thresholds. When employees earn enough points, badges are given out.
  • Event Points - User defined point scale for actions performed in Callproof. Most actions in Callproof can be assigned a point value and be used to rank employees. Points for each action can be defined here.
  • Point Values - User defined point values that can be assigned to actions. The icon used for points can also be edited here.
  • Wufoo - Advanced way of creating more in depth forms. (Rarely Used)
  • Stores - Define stores when Callproof is running in Dealer Mode. (Rarely Used)

Phone Settings

  • Request VOIP - VOIP is an extra service available to Callproof customers that allows you to record calls, create alternate numbers for ad campaigns, and more.

Quick Links

  • Clock In - Allows employees to clock in. Time sheets are tracked in Callproof and are visible to managers.
  • Clock Out - Allows employees to clock in. Time sheets are tracked in Callproof and are visible to managers.
  • Logout - Allows employees to log out of the Callproof system. Next time Callproof is used, the user will have to log in again.


  • Duplicates - This is a tool for finding and fixing duplicate contact records.