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Path: Website - People - Company Directory

What is Company Directory?

Company Directory is a list of all users within Callproof. Security settings and user information can be viewed and edited from here.

Updating A User and Security

Click on the user name or the notepad to the right of the contact record to update the user.

The editing screen allows users or managers to change a users email, password, security settings, and address.

The top part allows the user to change their icon within Callproof. Choose an icon from the users machine and upload.

Security Settings in Callproof are listed below.

  • Is A Manager - Managers can see all contacts, update and add users, and see additional menu options.
  • Can delete contacts - Users by default cannot delete contacts. This keep company property and information in the system in the event someone tries to delete contacts. If this checkbox is marked, the user will be able to delete contacts from Callproof. Deleting a contact cannot be undone.
  • Contact Radius - This determines how many unassigned contacts a user can see. If set to a radius, only unassigned contacts within that radius from their phone will be visible. Select Assigned Contacts to allows users to only see contacts assigned to them.
  • All Unassigned - Select this to allow users access to all unassigned contacts.
  • Track GPS - This option will record gps location of the user when certain actions are performed. (Example: checking into an appointment, creating an event form) This option does not track employees in real time or record all their activity during the day.
  • Hide Events - Hide the company events from the users. This is the event feed showing users logging in and making contacts during the day. All they will see is their own activity.

Markets are used for grouping report data. This may or may not be used by companies.

If anything within the Employee Profile is updated, click Update to save the information.

The bottom provides access to changing a users email and password.

To change their email, update the email and click Update on the bottom of the Employee section.

To change a password, type the new password in the Password and Confirm field. Click Update to save.

If Gryphon is being used when calling, enter the Gryphon details in the bottom section and Update.