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Path: Website - Navigation Bar - People - Company Directory - Gryphon

What is Gryphon?

Gryphon is a tool that avoids calling numbers listed on "Do Not Call" lists.

When calling with the Gryphon tool, users may hear more rings than usual. This is common as the Gryphon tool is working behind the scenes.

Gryphon is not always available and may not be visible to most users.

Enter Gryphon details inside the employee's profile.

Setting Up Gryphon

If an employee is going to make calls from within Callproof using the Gryphon tool, it must be set up for that employee.

To setup, on the main Navigation Bar under People, click on Company Directory.

On the bottom of the employee's page is a section for Gryphon information.

Fill in the Access Number, PIN, and Campaign.

Click UPDATE just below to save this information.