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Path: Callproof Support - Website - Sales - Opportunities

Index of Opportunities

What are Opportunities?

Opportunities track a sale as it moves along the company process. The Current Funnel shows a visual representation of the opportunities. The levels of the Current Funnel can be customized by clicking on Opportunity Types from the Sales tab of the Navigation Bar.

Exporting Opportunities

Clicking Export Opportunities to receive a comma separated value file (CSV). CSV files can easily be opened in Excel and other spreadsheet applications.

Add Opportunity

Click Add Opportunity to add a New Opportunity. This will go to the Add Opportunity screen.

More Info: Add Opportunity

Editing an Opportunity

Edit Opportunities

Click on the Employee, Type, Value, Probability, Derived, or Close Date to edit the opportunity. (Note: Clicking on the company or contact will open the company or contact edit page for updating.)

The Edit Opportunities allows the Opportunity Type, Value, Probability, Employee, Notes and Close Date can be updated here. Once the data is updated, click Update to save the information.

The bottom half of the edit page shows the history of this Opportunity. Any time an Opportunity is updated, a copy is created before the changes are saved.