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Rep Stats HTML

Default Rep Stats
Rep Stats Example 1
Rep Stats Example 2

When reps log in on the mobile app, a general stats area is presented near the top of the screen. By default, it shows Appointments, Calls, and Hours. This information can be customized for the rep.

In some situations, managers might want to deliver motivational or important messages to the rep. It might be a company bulletin or hot product that needs to be pitched.

This area can be different sizes depending on the phone. We set the area to fill horizontally but vertical size can differ between devices. Most modern 4.5" and greater phones typically show 3 or 4 rows of a table. Below are some examples. The size limit for the HTML is 4K. Anything greater than 4K will be truncated.

To customize the information, visit the Company Directory. On each rep's profile page, at the bottom, is a text box to enter Rep Stats HTML.

Enter HTML here for the rep to see. Leave it blank for the standard Appointments, Calls, and Hours.

Example 1:

<table><tr><td>This is line 1<td><td>99</td></tr><tr><td>This is line 2<td><td>99</td></tr><tr><td>This is line 3<td><td>99</td></tr></table>

Example 2:

<font color="red"><b><h1>New Product from ACME! Pitch new service contact along with product #1234</h1></b></font>

This feature uses standard HTML. Feel free to google HTML for any number of resources.

For a quick HTML cheat sheet, we've used this site in the past.