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Outlined below are typical steps a company takes when signing up with Callproof. These videos will walk you through essential steps to help get you started. Further help documents are available on specific features and screens.

Adding New Users in CallProof

Adding New Users in Callproof

Now that you've signed up for Callproof, the first thing you need to do is add your employees.

Hover over People, and click on Company Directory. Click add Employee and enter your employee information.

You'll notice on the bottom there's a "Send Email Notification" checkbox. When you check this box, Callproof will automatically generate an email to this employees email letting them know you've created them an account in Callproof and what their login information is.

After creating the employee, click Submit.

Once you've done that, you'll be taken to their profile. Here you can adjust their rights, priledges and even upload a picture of your employee.

You can give them a title and designate if they are a manager. Keep in mind, those that are managers have access to the Company Directory and all settings within Callproof.

You can also check to allow them to delete contacts.

You can check if they can see all unassigned contacts in the system.

You can check Track GPS and Callproof will automatically refresh their GPS location data when they are out in the field using the mobile application.

You can also check Hide Events to hide their activity from the event feed.

You'll notice you've also got a drop down for Contact Radius. Once you put an address here in Callproof, you tell Callproof this employee is able to view contacts based on a radius around that address. That address doesn't have to be their home address or even their office address. It can be any address you want to use as the basis for your radius.

Once you've set all that up, click Update and Callproof will save all the data.

Creating Contact Types in Callproof

Creating Contact Types in Callproof

Now that you've added your employees into Callproof, we need to go in and do a little bit of customization to your account. The first level is going to be your contact types.

Hover over Home and click Contact Types.

You'll notice that when you first sign up with Callproof there are 4 standard contact types preloaded (Client, Lead, Prospect, and other). You can create as many or as few contact types as you'd like.

You can name them anything you want.

Also note that clicking on the edit button allows you to change the Contact Type name and add a picture. This will be especially usefull for your users that are utilizing Callproof on a mobile device. Whatever image you upload for that Contact Type will appear on their lists so they can visually designate the different Contact Types.

When viewing all your Contact Types, additional details can be seen. The first column shows how many of each Contact Types are in the system. Clicking the red X next to the number of contacts will delete all contacts of that type. (These will be removed from Callproof entirely and you will have to confirm since it cannot be reversed). This will leave the contact type, but delete any contacts of that type. The red X on the far right will delete all contacts of that type along with the contact type itself. (Callproof will make you confirm and this is not reversable).

A great way to think about Contact Types is buckets. What bucket do you want to put your contacts in? Keep in mind all contacts within Callproof must have a contact type so you want to create the buckets that are needed by your employees. Once added, employees will be able to search contacts by employee types by hovering over People and selecting Contacts.

Setting up Custom Fields in Callproof

Custom Fields in Callproof

Now that we've created our Contact Types, it's time to add company specific information. This data will be stored in Custom Fields.

When viewing a contact, the Info tab will show all standard Callproof fields. The Details tab will show company specific data stored in Custom Fields.

To create Custom Fields, hover over Home and then select Custom Fields.

This will show all custom fields currently in the system. Click Add Custom Field to add a new one.

Label the field as needed. Then, select the type of field needed.

  • Auto Integer - Integer that automatically increments with each new contact
  • Checkbox - Check if true
  • Date - Only stores date
  • Datetime - Holds date and time
  • Decimal - Number with decimals (ex. dollars and cents)
  • Integer - Number with no decimal
  • Radio - Select 1 from given choices
  • Select - Select one or more from given choices
  • Text - Stores a single line of text
  • Textarea - Stores multiple lines of text
  • Time - Store a time

Custom Fields will be added to all contacts and will be available for use immediately.

On the Custom Fields page, you can also position custom fields in the order needed.

When adding new contacts, custom fields will be available on the PC and the mobile app.

Using Event Forms

Using Callproof Event Forms

An incredible feature of Callproof is dynamic Event Forms. Event Forms can be created for various situations. Event Forms are custom forms that can be used on the website or on the mobile app. They can record events like a new sales form, completion of a task with details, an order form to send additional information, etc.

Hover over Home and click on Event Forms. You can create new Event Forms here or edit previously created forms.

To make a new one, click Add Event Form. Give the form a name. Add any email address that will receive a copy of the form anytime it's filled out. Points can also be assigned if your company is using those. Once named and notification emails are added, click SAVE.

Now, you can add fields to your form. Click Add Field to begin building the form. There are 3 types of fields.

Regular Fields include the standard fields on contact profile info tab. These will have existing data preloaded when reps use the form.

Custom Fields are fields created for your company needs and found in the contact profile details tab. These will have existing data preloaded when reps use the form.

Custom Event Form Fields are values that only show up in the Event Form. This data is not saved anywhere else.

Add fields one by one until the form is built. The videos shows a few fields being added.

Now that we have an Event Form, it can be added to any contact within Callproof. This form can be used on the website and mobile app.

To see the Event Form, hover over People and click Contacts. On the right for each contact are shortcut icons. Hover over the notepad to see all your Event Forms. Select the form you want to fill out. On the mobile app, you just click a contact and select Event Forms.

When users complete Event Forms, Callproof will also record location data and compare it to the contact's location data. If your computer browser asks for permission to record location data, select to allow.

Completed event forms can be seen in the contact profile's Event Forms tab. Location where form was entered relative to contact's location can be seen here. Click the arrow left in the left column will expand to show all Event Form data. Event Form data will also be emailed to any email addresses added when creating the Event Form.

Importing Contacts into Callproof

Importing Contacts into Callproof

Now that you've created Contact Types and Custom Fields, it's time to import your contacts. Most any excel friendly export from your current system will work.

From the Contacts page, click Import Contacts. Only managers will have access to this feature.

Download the Sample Contacts File. This file includes all your contact fields and custom fields. This sample file will be used to construct your import file. (An example can be seen in the video.)

Using your export file, copy the correct columns and paste them into the sample file while keeping the header row.

All contacts must have a contact type and company name.

The last column must be the keyword END. Make sure each row of your spreadsheet ends with END just like the header row.

Do a Find and Replace on the sample file for commas and replace with a space.

Finally, save this file as a CSV file.

Once you have generated your .CSV file, click Choose File from the Import Contacts page. Select the .CSV file you created, and click Upload.

When uploading, the process may take seconds to a few minutes. Please do not click back or close your browser.

If any problems are encountered during the import, an exception report will be generated and can be saved from the results page.

Reports in Callproof

Reports in Callproof

The last step in setting up Callproof is setting up reports. If you hover over Stats you'll see standard reports that are built into Callproof. These will not show much until there is activity in your system.

In addition, there are custom reports that can be created. Hover over Stats and click Custom Reports.

The next page will show all custom reports previously created. Click Add Report to add a new one.

Give the new report a name and Save.

The next page will be your custom report edit screen. The top half determines when reports are generated, emailed, how often, and other settings.

Date Mode: Static will show the last week's total or last month's totals. Rolling will show last number of X days.

Static Type: Select to view last week or last month.

First Day of the Week: Select the day your company starts the week.

Start Date Offset: Select the day to start calculating totals.

Number of Days: Select the number of days to total.

Select when it is sent, on which days it is sent, and which Sales Reps are to be included.

Select who will receive the report. Add any additional emails where you want the report to be sent. Up to 3 are allowed.

Click Save to save all settings before proceeding.

Below the report scheduling are items you can include in the report. Click Include Contact Assignment Counts to show how many new contacts each rep added during the reporting period. Click Save.

Event Counts will show how times an action was performed by the selected reps. Select as many or few as you want to see on the report.

Recorded calls is an additional Callproof service that allows calls to be recorded, reviewed, and downloaded for company use. For more info, please submit a support ticket from the Support tab above.

Add Event Form fields to count the number of times a select Event Form was submitted. It's also possible to sum the totals of number fields from Event Forms here. (Video example gives sum total of widget sales.)

Now the report is finished and will be emailed according to the schedule that was set up.